Michael Shynes 'The Good Old Days'

November 02, 2019 - 46 views

Directed by Joe Mackedanz
Audio Co Written Produced and Engineered by Dan Rodriguez


Walking down the avenue, where we used to play
The house on the corner, is still the same today
As it was when we were children, innocent as innocent can be
I borrowed all your records, you borrowed mine from me
We sat and talked for hours, in a box hung in a tree
And we stole your daddy's last bottle of gin

Those were the times, those were the ways
So take me back, so take me back to the good old days

And looking back from here I, can see that we were blind
To the burdens we would shoulder, and the struggles we would find
But growing made us strong as strong can be

Ice cream until our heads hurt, we were trading candy bars and sticks of bubble gum, trying not to laugh in church
Do you remember, like I remember