Leah Capelle - Settle Down

November 02, 2019 - 355 views

"Settle Down" is a sweetly sad depiction of Capelle's growing pains. "If anything, 'Settle' is a letter to myself - a reminder that things WILL get better in time." A&R Factory says, "Settle Down" is an off-the-cusp pop/rock song that transitions from an almost-late-80s vibe into a gigantic rock section, and is a powerful culmination of the 'giants' EP. It will crucify you with the power of Leah’s vocals against the wailing guitar riffs.” And from Popdust’s premiere: "’Settle Down’ opens with delicate harmonics swelling with gossamer textures. Capelle's voice attains honeyed allure, streaming with scintillating hues. When the tune ramps up, the surge of sonic energy is scrumptious and muscular. Of the project, Popdust says, “’giants’ is a giant EP, full of aesthetic grace and captivating harmonic textures, while Leah Capelle's voice provides the yummy icing on the musical cake.”

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: "The official video for “Settle Down” was a highly creative process involving lots of different brains, and I’m so proud of how it ties into the very emotional and honest lyrical content in the song. It is by far the most vulnerable piece of art I have ever created. The visual seeks to capture the aching, helplessness, and disillusionment I felt when I wrote the song. The paint cans each wear a controlling statement that has been imposed on me, though I believe them each to be relatable across the female experience. The paint itself is a metaphor for how obscured I felt at the time – and by having both faceless figures and my own hands push the paint onto my skin, it represents the blurring and obstruction of my genuine identity in place of a person literally dripping in the expectations of others. You are not alone!"