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In an increasingly divisive world, where age, nationality, race and religion are creating an ever-widening gap between people, Kēvens is on a quintessential mission: utilize the power of his music to bring souls from all four corners of this world to dance together. 

With skills and artistry this former DJ turned singer/songwriter, strives to take everyone to a higher level of consciousness while embracing and channeling his world-beat influences and personal growth. His music is promoting a theme of multiculturalism, spiritual enlightenment, artistic expression and positivism.

Kēvens started his musical journey spinning records in the clubs of South Florida but the innately poetic performer’s musical roots were more clearly witnessed when he joined the groundbreaking, progressive reggae group: Le Coup, with Richard and Anthony Booker. In fact, family matriarch Cedella Marley Booker told young Kēvens very early in his musical career: "Like a letter, you must write a song with purpose."

This spiritual artist's message is always at the center of his art and his life. 
Kēvens' intricate concert performances and visualizations are pure conceptual theater. His goal is timeless and transcendent: to bring all races, cultures and creeds together.

His live shows consist of a lush drum 'n' bass amalgam of vocal dexterity and musicianship, mixed with a progressive rocking-reggae dub style and stunning dance as well as visual imagery. 

His knack for the timely and profound has enabled him to tour all over the world and finds him along side an eclectic array of legends and prodigies including: Steven Tyler, Ice Cube, Tiestö, Daft Punk, Duran Duran, Carlos Santana, The Jacksons , Paul Oakenfold, to name a few.

This global citizen is a performance artist who coined the ultimate mantra: 
“Positivity is a Necessity”...