Jillian Shea

Full name Jillian Shea
Country United States
Official website

Jillian Shea is an actress and singer. She appears as "Bailey" in the Disney XD channel show "Walk the Prank," a single-camera comedy that combines unscripted hidden camera pranks with live-action scripted comedy.

Jillian also appeared as a guest star on Nickelodeon's Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, as well as several segments of OMG for the DreamWorksTV channel on YouTube.

A Philadelphia-area native currently residing in Southern California, Jillian has worked extensively with private coaches John D'Aquino, Sharon Lieblein and Mea Hack and takes ongoing classes and workshops at John D'Aquino's Young Actor's Studio.

As a singer, Jillian makes up in lung power what she lacks in size! Her versatile singing voice ranges from alto to soprano—and from cool and raspy to sweet and angelic. Born with an excellent sense of pitch, Jillian has been singing since early childhood, later performing roles and solos in various elementary school performances and local theatre productions. At age 9, she began making guest appearances with her parents’ cover band, belting out songs from Adele and Alicia Keys, and lending a soulful groove to hits from artists like Billy Joel, Sam Cooke and Christina Aguilera. Jillian currently takes vocal lessons with L.A. coach Arden Kaywin.

In her free time, Jillian can usually be found tumbling, curled up with her guitar playing and singing, or jamming with her musical family.

Jillian's latest single "Talk Too Loud" (produced by Mikal Blue and Nate Lennox) is further proof of recent development in Jillian’s musical exploration showcasing her strong and soulful voice with magnificent range, which can be both angelic and raspy at times.

“Talk Too Loud” is full of catchy hooks and relatable lyrics displaying that this young talent is an up and coming EDM/Pop star in the making.

"You know when you say what's on your mind and get judged? Same."